March 30, 2017 Carol Miller

Play is Socialization!


Play is just another word for socialization. Socialization starts when your baby is born and continues into adulthood, where it shapes each stage of development.

Developmentally, trust of the family is crucial for a secure and confident child.

clown children 271591 960 720 300x225 - Play is Socialization!Play is Socialization!

Every play date, class, party and sport teaches your kids to manage stress, resolve conflict and fit into “the group.” One of the most dramatic impacts on a child’s education is that of the socialization process. As a parent, you can help your kid handle their interactions with other people, all of whom leave them with a lasting sense of their place in the world. And this process starts at very young ages.

The Role of the Family

Your family provides your child’s first lesson in socialization. Stated simply, socialization is the process whereby individuals, especially children, become functioning members of a particular group and take on the values, behaviors, and beliefs of the group’s other members.

trust love 746678 960 720 300x200 - Play is Socialization!Your shared values, religion and culture all give a reassuring structure to your young child’s early experiences. Developmentally, the trust of the family is crucial for a secure and confident child. Children learn to trust as they watch you and your extended family show love, anger, joy and sadness and find out how to celebrate, disagree, work and play.

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