Play2Health Manners Video - Manners VideosNo one’s born polite. In fact, toddlers have a tendency to act like little cave people, grunting and grabbing to get their way. The good news is they’re also absorbing all kinds of behaviors and values right now, so as teachable moments go, now’s a perfect time to get started on manners

If there is one lesson you have probably learned as a parent, it is to expect the most embarrassing moments to occur at the most inappropriate times. Take heart, manners can be taught at a young age.

The good manners we learn in our childhood stay with us our whole lives and can have an effect on our future relationships at home, work and in public life.

We aren’t born knowing manners. It’s our parents and other family members who teach children how to act respectfully in various situations.

Your child is never too young to begin teaching the basics. The dining table will be the setting for many important happenings in your child’s life. Mom and dad need to instill these core life skills at young ages.

Play2Health created a series of videos and eBooks to help with teaching kids good manners and hygiene. Ideally, kids will find these engaging and learn the basics of manners and hygiene as they go.  Play2Health Manners - Manners Videos