A recent study by the Journal of Pediatrics found that

  • 20% of 1-year-olds own a tablet.
  • 28% of 2-year-olds could navigate a mobile device without assistance.
  • 28% of parents said they use a mobile device to put their kids to sleep. The use of tablets and smartphones among young children has simply become child’s play, with kids able to skillfully tap and swipe before they can walk or talk.
    1. Prior research found that compared to 1981, children in 1997 spent less time in play and had less free time. They spent 18 percent more time at school, 145 percent more time doing school work, and 168 percent more time shopping with parents. The researchers found that, including computer play, children in 1997 spent only about eleven hours per week at play.
    2. As children’s play time declined, this lack of play affects emotional development, leading to the rise of anxiety, depression, and problems of attention and self control.
    3. 5 year olds today have the emotional development of 3 year olds of the past.
    4. Parents must make the time to allow their kids to play, play brings many benefits to your child and you.

Exposure and Use of Mobile Media Devices by Young Children