The love of learning, exploring, being creative and allowing children’s creativity to flourish is what drove the Play2Health team to offer, our subscription based program, arts/crafts, educational tools, physically active games, science experiments, magic tricks, math games and worksheets and much more….

Engaging with children is a unique chance to bond with them, to assist our children with learning and experimenting, to enhance and engage their natural curiosity, to explore, to be creative and far more…

There are many challenges our children face every day in and out of school that can be taught in the way that they learn…

We believe that parents are just as responsible for their child’s education as teachers are…that we have a responsibility to create an environment where learning is a natural event, which embraces our kids’ creativity, curiosity and natural talents.

Play2Health was founded on the belief that parents need tools to work with their children and that they need to be a partner in their child’s education; to make learning a priority at home, at their own pace. It should be easy to use educational tools where they learn through fun, hands on experiments, games in math, science, reading, active games / play and more. Play is learning and play should be a lifelong endeavor.

Physical activities enable children to develop their motor skills, muscle strength, and their overall balance and coordination.  Running, climbing, jumping, crawling—all of these may seem like mere child’s play, but they actually strengthen children physically and allow their body to develop normally.

In time, active play will help your children learn to become independent and do physical activities on their own. Chores such as eating without assistance, dressing themselves, and bathing without help from mom or dad are some of the basic things children will learn out of the skills they have developed through regular physical activity.

Active play does not only develop children’s motor skills, it stimulates their mind, too. When children engage in make believe, they learn to become creative and allow their mind to explore possibilities. During play, they are trained how to solve problems, how to reason out and rationalize, as well as how to use language in order to convey their emotions and ideas.

Active play allows children to develop their self-esteem. Friendly competition enable them to experience the thrill of winning, which then enhances their confidence, and help them deal gracefully with losing, a skill that will be crucial later in life.

The interaction that play provides among children helps them build social skills that would soon come in handy in their adult life. When children play with other children, they learn how to share and cooperate in order to achieve their goals. They are introduced to the value of patience, of waiting for their turn, of giving and taking, and of delayed gratification.


Childhood is considered the most critical stage in the development of every human being. It is at this stage when an individual forms the foundations that would later determine their capabilities, disposition, and overall outlook in life.

When it comes to human development, experts agree that individuals are a product of their biological composition (nature) and the environment with which they interact (nurture). While there’s not much that can be done with a child’s nature or genetic make-up, most parents focus on ensuring that they provide their children with the most suitable environment that will bring out the best of them.

Play is probably the very first natural environment into which your child is immersed—starting out as solo participants, sometimes with only their family to play with, and later on joining other children in a group. As simple as they seem, active play and physical activities are the source of most of your child’s overall development. In fact, studies suggest that children aged 5 years old and younger must have at least 2 hours of physical activity every day.

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