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Parents are just as responsible for their child’s education as their teachers.
Play2Health was founded on the belief that parents need tools to work with their children and they need to be a partner in their child’s education; to make learning a priority at home, at their own pace. It should be easy to use educational tools where they learn through fun, hands on experiments, games in math, science, reading, active games/play and more. The skills we as parents instill at home aid in developing our children’s self-confidence, curiosity and creativity that allows them to flourish and develop into well-rounded adults.

The love of learning, through embracing our curiosity and creativity, is what drove the Play2Health team to offer our subscription based program to parents who are looking for the perfect tools to aid them in their quest for providing their children with the best educational experiences possible.

The program consists of 6,000+ Teacher & Parent Approved Interactive Math & Vocabulary Worksheets that Meet Standardized Test Standards, Science/STEM Projects, Arts & Crafts, Manners/Hygiene Videos & eBooks, Games. Magic Tricks, Active Games & Exercise Videos, Nutrition & Recipes & more.

The love of learning, exploring, developing creativity and embracing curiosity is what Play2Health is all about.

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Education Begins At Home

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Learning for its own sake. just to discover the why, how, where of things …that curiosity, is what we hope our children will acquire a stimulating education. The question then becomes how do we make it stimulating? Can we make education enjoyable? Can our children have fun while learning new things…and can that continue to adulthood?

We believe you can do all that…stimulate the young mind to question, create and enjoy the process. Once you show them the ‘fun’ of learning they will never stop. Learning new things then becomes playing. Yes, playing and learning go hand in hand. Let’s play…and by the way, we will learn something while we are playing.

No matter how rigorous the curriculum, no matter how stringent the requirements, if what goes on in the classroom does not open up a child’s mind to how this subject affects them as a person and their relationship to the world they haven’t really learned anything from it.

This is the reason parents and students need to look at the student culture and activities at their school because these things help form the individual. Along with the subjects taught, it is the assimilation of peer-group values and behavior that can mark a first-rate education. It is also important to note, what children bring from their homes to their schools will either help them to open themselves to the new opportunities offered to them or ignore them. The question then becomes what kinds of things does one consider the play that will lead to learning/education?

The more we encourage questions, the more their creativity is allowed to flourish.

The more we encourage questions, the more their creativity is allowed to flourish.

In the learning setting, we can keep lists of our children’s questions posted on a wall or written in a notebook. We can reference their questions. We can remind them of what they want to know when they have options to make decisions about their learning. Offering choice is a key strategy to cultivating a love of learning.

In order to become lifelong learners, our children need opportunities to pursue their curiosities and interests.

The moments to cultivate a lifelong learner might be found at the dinner table, or when you’re driving your child to school and you hear something on the radio. Moments could be found when you’re walking with your child at a local store and they ask a question about the weather. Listen and look for the moments where you can kindle the fire of a child’s curiosity.

There are so many moments each and every day; each of those can generate countless questions. This leads to engaging and developing your child’s curiosity and the love of learning…and this is where Play2Health can make your job easier.

Play2Health believes that creating opportunities for skill building and success is an important process. One way to do this is to allow time for play and to learn at their own pace, free of the fear of failure and mistakes.

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Play2Health wants all children to have the opportunity to develop their curiosity, their creativity and their love of learning along with their natural desire to be physically active and engaged. We want them to feel competent and grow their self-confidence as they expand their knowledge and skills.