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Education Starts At Home

  • One key to raising a well-rounded child is to establish a solid support system at home so that they grow up satisfied with their achievements and ambitions.
  • The goal as a parent is to help your child feel competent and confident; to help them develop a sense of passion and purpose. To encourage their interests, curiosity, creativity and natural gifts.
  • As parents we want to help our kids succeed in learning the things that they may struggle with. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.
  • As parents we want to help our kids mature emotionally and live healthy, balanced lives. The end goal as a parent is to develop well-rounded kids who become well-adjusted adults.
  • We can assist you with this for as little as $0.25 a day.

Lets Have Fun

Critical Thinking, Creativity And Curiosity Are Skills That Will Determine Our Children’s Future.

Studies Show That By Age 12, Our Creative Output Has Declined To About 2% Of Our Potential.

These Critical Skills Start To Peak Around The Age When We Enter School.

Fun, Engaging And Simple Tools That Make It Even Easier To Instill The Love of Learning and Physical Activity while Enhancing Creativity, Curiosity and Critical Thinking Skills

Still not convinced why you should subscribe to Play2Health to instill a life long love of learning, curiosity and creativity?
Do you remember when you were a kid, and you thought anything was possible, and that something as simple as a Lego block was a fascinating building block for another world?

If our children are more comfortable with being wrong and taking more chances, their curiosity and creativity has room to develop and grow. This curiosity will serve children well in today’s ever changing, rapidly innovating world. Play2Health offers fun active fitness videos and games, educational resources, arts/crafts, fun science experiments, magic tricks, interactive math and vocabulary worksheets, math games and more to help kids of all ages get active, healthy and engaged in a lifetime of creativity, to expand their curiosity and their love of learning.

In response to a 2015 PwC survey question asking what one attribute CEOs will need most to succeed in the turbulent times ahead,

Michael Dell, chief executive of Dell, Inc., replied,
“I would place my bet on curiosity.”

Unlock Your Creativity

Our Children Deserve Every Opportunity To Reach Their Full Potential

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Every Parent wants their children to have a leg up, to love learning, exploring, being physically active and growing their curiosity

  • Engaging with children is an opportunity to bond with them, to help them learn, to explore, to be creative and more
  • As parents, we want to encourage our children’s interests, curiosity, and natural gifts
  • As parents we want our children not to be afraid to be wrong. If children are not prepared to be wrong, they’ll never come up with anything original.
  • As parents we want to help our children succeed in learning the things that they may struggle with
  • As parents we want our children physically active, engaged, creative and curious and most of all healthy.

Feed Your Brain

The Role Of Active Play In The Development Of Children In Today’s Generation 100% free e-book

Childhood is considered as the most critical stage in the development of every human being. It is at this stage when an individual forms the foundations that would later determine his capabilities, disposition, and overall outlook in life.

When it comes to human development, experts agree that individuals are a product of their biological composition (nature) and the environment with which they interact (nurture). And while there’s not much that can be done with a child’s nature or genetic make-up, most parents focus on ensuring that they provide their children with the most suitable environment that will bring out the best of them.

I Love Learning

What Customers Are Saying:

I was concerned about the lack of physical activity and the amount of time that my two children were spending on tablets playing games. Unfortunately, with our busy schedule it was difficult to find the time and come up with the physical activities and fun, educational activities needed to keep our two boys active and healthy. That’s when I discovered Play2Health and found the resources we’ve been looking for. Play2Health provides us with the information and motivation for our children to engage in good, healthy physical activity, educational tools and social skills development. Play2Health offers a wide variety of different activities that not only engage the body, but the mind as well.

'Chris Mom of Dylan and Max'

(March 10, 2017)

I cannot say enough about what Play2Health has done for my children when it comes to increasing their physical activity and scholastic stimulation so that they grow up to be healthy adults. What sold me on Play2Health was the educational aspect ties in with fun, active games and exercise videos. They have created a series of fun, healthy, and engaging activities that I do with my children every school day. It was not long ago that my kids were sitting around the house during the evening and weekends staring at the television or playing on the computer. Today, my kids are spending more time outside and engaging in healthy playtime that is building their bodies for the future. I cannot thank Play2Health enough for what they have done for my family.

'Rick, Dad of Tyler'

(March 15, 2017)

Just like me, you probably have kids that spend most of their free time staring into a television, video, or computer screen. It seems like a thousand years ago when I was a kid I was spending most of my time outside playing with the other kids or when it was raining staying inside doing science experiments and crafts with my brothers. So, finding ways to positively motivate my girls was not easy. After all, just how do you tell a kid to go out and play when all of their friends are inside on their computers or playing video games? That’s when I discovered Play2Health. If you are a parent like me with kids that are not motivated to do much except spend time playing video games, then you will really appreciate what Play2Health offers.

'Pat, Mom of Kaylee'

(February 10, 2017)

When I read that today’s children are becoming more likely to die at an age younger than their parents because of their inactivity, I became even more concerned for my daughter. Today’s children live in an age of smartphones, computers, and video games that has replaced the simple, physical and educational games and activities, arts and crafts and more that we enjoyed as children. So, it was a no-brainer to sign up with Play2Health. For a low, monthly fee, Play2Health has motivated my daughter to do more every day, which is building up her health and wellbeing. If your child is not getting the exercise for their bodies and minds like they should, Play to Health is the program that I recommend.

'Chris, Mom of Justin'

(March 25, 2017)